What is a Micronation ?

A Micronation, is an entity that claims to be an independent nation or state but is not recognized by world governments or major international organizations. Micronations are distinguished from imaginary countries, by expressing a formal and persistent, claim of sovereignty over some physical territory. 


The Principality of Beremagne - a little introduction 


The Principality of Beremagne was created in February 2018 by His Serene Higness, Emanuel I, in the goal to bring together the maximum of young people, to have fun, and at the same time, talking an acting about major topics, like ecology, and/or social.

This Principality is located on the Non-organized Territory of Lac-Ministuk, Fjord du Sagueunay, Quebec, Canada, and have a little territory in France, with the Palace, first embassy etc...


The Principality of Beremagne is a constitutional Monarchy







General informations about the Principality

·         Official Name : Principality of Beremagne / Principauté de Bérémagne

·         Type of government : Constitutional Monarchy

·         Constitution : 11th February, 2018

·         Moto : Honore, Humilitas

·         Official Languages: French, English

·         Official Money : Euro, Monnaies Locales

·         Country : France

·         Région : Occitanie

·         City : Saint-Orens-de-Gameville (Palais, première ambassade etc...)

·         Geographical Coordinates : 43° 33′ 06″ nord, 1° 32′ 02″ est

·         Superficy : 13.06 km²

·         The Principality of Beremagne is available on WikiMonde.

·         The Prince of Beremagne is available on WikiMonde.



General informations about the state:

·         Official Languages: French, English

·         Official Money : Euro, Monnaies Locales

·         Country : Bérémagne

·         Geographical Coordinates : 48° 06′ 00″ nord, 71° 19′ 00″ ouest

·         Superficy : 1465.90 km²

·         Geographical code : 94928x

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