International Relations

Friendly Relations

- Republic of Molossia
- Aerican Empire

Mutual Recognition

- State of Sandus
- Principality of Lochaber
- The Fishtown Newport Territory (FNT)
- Karno-Ruthenian Monarchy
- Republic Anacratic of Padrhom
- Principality of Surland
- The House of DeHerrera



Unilateral Recognition

- Kingdom of Ruthenia
- Angyalistan Empire
- Kingdom of Abi
- State of Enclava
- Republic of the Liberland
- Principality of Hutt River
- Empire of Iroise
- Principality d'Austrasie
- Principality of Aigues-Mortes



Written Relations

- United Nations
- Direction of Economy and Social Affairs of the United Nations
- Kingdom of Canada
- Republic of NĂ©pal



We do not recognize

Fortunately, no micronation falls within this category

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