Emanuel Ist of Beremagne
Emanuel in 2018.


Sovereign Prince of Beremagne

Since the

Full Title His Serene Highness, Prince Emanuel of Beremagne
Dynasty House of Bérémagne
Full Name Emanuel, Jean-Samuel, Diep de Bérémagne
Date and Place of Birth 25 Octobre
L'Isle-Adam (France)
Father Nicolas
Mother Frédérique



Prince Emanuel of Beremagne (Born as Emanuel ZOZOR), was born a 28th of October, in the beggining of the XXI century, at Paris, France. He is a member of the Princely Family and the Sovereign Prince of Beremagne (Principality of). After 10 years passed in France, The Princely Family moved to Marrakech, Morocco, where Emanuel will make his studies, at the "Lycée Victor Hugo" of Marrakech. In 2016, The Princely Family came back in France, to live in Toulouse.

Public Life


The Prince also is involved in his citizen's life. He is practicing climbing, and is a Private Pilot Student.


Primary Studies

Prince Emanuel has been schooled at the elementary school of Ecouen (95), France.

Secondary Studies

During two years at the "College Jacques-Majorelle" of marrakech, followed by one year at the "Lycée Victor Hugo de Marrakech".

High School Education

Actually, the Prince is scolarised in the Pierre-Paul RIQUET's High school, Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France

Title and Distinctions

Prince's personnal Flag


Title and Honours
Emanuel, Prince of Bérémagne
Grandes Armes du Prince
Title His Serene Highness
Oral Style Your Highnesse
Alternative Style Sir
  • 2017  : His Excellency, Lord Emanuel of La Bidiere
  • 2018  : Hs Serene Highness, Emanuel, Sovereign Prince of Beremagne





  • Sovereign's Scarf
  • Governor of the Order of Beremagne
  • Chief of the House of Beremagne