Managment of Ministries



The management of the Ministries is entrusted to different persons, appointed by the Grand Duke and approved by His Serene Highness the Prince-Regnant. Everyone deals with his ministry, and warns the Grand Duke of ongoing affairs. Important decisions concerning ministries are taken by the ministers concerned, approved by the Grand Duke:







H.E Diego LUMENS, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Head of Foreign Affairs and International Relations

H.E Matthieu VAN DER REST, Minister of Ecology:
Responsible of the Ecology and Environment ministries

H.E Lucie SAINRAT, Minister of Education:
Responsible of Education and Training of Poupulation

H.E Arthur UBEDA, Minister of the Defense :
Responsible for Nonviolent Defense, in case of crisis

H.E Loic DUBOS, Minister of Justice
Responsible for the Parliament, and the management of affairs directly related to justice.

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