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To request the Citizenship, click here and send the completed form to citoyennete@principaute-beremagne.com


What is a Micronation ?

A micronation is an entity created and perpetuated as if it were a nation and / or a state, and which usually has some or all of the attributes of the state. Although a micronation can be a joke, it has the potential [...] to become a true nation, and potentially to become a state.

The Principality of Beremagne






The Principality of Bérémagne was created in February 2018 by Prince Emanuel, current Sovereign, in order to gather to treat important topics, such as ecology, or the social.
Bérémagne is located on the unorganized lands of Lac-Ministuk, RCM of the Saguenay Fjord, Quebec, Canada, and has an annex in the municipality of Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France. All the questions here are important, as well as the opinion of all citizens.
It is important to point out that this Alter-State is not a gathering of Monarchists, but of people from all political and social backgrounds, interested in the issues we are developing as a sovereign nation. The different types of elections are held at individual polls, and political opinions are strictly personal. The Sovereign defends himself from all political

In Quebec, unorganized lands are geographic areas where there are no dedicated public administrations. They are managed by a MRC, or Regional County Municipality. Land tenure is therefore generally public. As a result, the Principality of Bérémagne covers the area of ​​1465.90 km², above the unorganized lands of Lac-Ministuk. In Saint-Orens, the goal of the Principality is to promote local products, develop the economy, and most importantly to weld the population.

The Principality of Beremagne is a constitutional Monarchy

The Government

The Head of State : The Head of State is the Sovereign-Prince of Beremagne.
The Minister of State : The Minister of State is responsible of the political domain of the principality, he is the manager of all the government (State council, etc..)
The Department of Interior: This department have in charge the interior affairs (Security, Citizenship etc...) of the Principality, with the supreme authoriry of the Government's Advisor.
The Department of International Affairs : This department have in charge all international affairs as the Diplomacy of Beremagne.

The Symbols

The Flag : The flag of the principality is available by clicking here
The Coat of Arms : There is three official coat of arms : The Large, the Little and the Royal Coat of Arms (Personnal Coat of Arms of the Sovereign)

The Diplomatic Relations

The principality of Beremagne is open to any relation with other micronations (and macronations).
However, virtual micronations will not be accepted.
Racist organisations will not be accepted.

The micronation must have a clear structure of government.

To apply for diplomatic relations, please send us a mail explaining your motivation.

If you have any question about the Principality (concerning foreign affairs or not), please contact our communication service.

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